It is an undisputed fact that the best you can do for yourself is to continue moving no matter how old you are.  Constant exercise and working out keeps the body fit, helps one live a healthy life, and makes the brain stay healthy

How does exercise do that? And what’s the best way to work it into your lifestyle?

Why exercise is important

Exercise will help you live a healthy life because it will:

  • Keep your bones, muscles, and joints hearty
  • Reduce the risk of having diseases like heart disease diabetes, colon cancer, and osteoporosis
  • Lessen your blood pressure
  • Regulate stress and enhance your mood
  • Relief symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Lessen your risk of heart disease
  • Contend with chronic illnesses like arthritis or diabetes by assisting with things like endurance, joint swelling, pain, and muscle power
  • Assist with your balance, so you are less likely to fall and have broken bones

How Much exercise?

As you age, you may be slightly scared of working out.  Maybe you fear that you might get hurt. Another fear you might be battling with is whether you need to join a gym class and have the perfect exercise designed for you. The most important thing is not how or where you get active; it is for you to start moving your body.

Healthy adults should target two and a half hours of activity that gets your heart going and your blood pumping every week. Yes, you can do that in exercise tutorials. But you can also get it by kinetic or perky walking. It’s also necessary to do movements that work all your basic muscles at least two days a week. Also, try to do adjustable exercises 2 or 3 days a week to help with your rank and compartment of movement.

If 150 minutes sounds a bit too much, just remember you don’t have to do it in a big volume. You can take a 10-minute walk around the yard or spend 10 minutes sweeping the balcony. It all sums up. If you are feeling vigorous, you’ll get even more health advantages if you work out, up to 5 hours or more a week.

The goal is to try to get 30 minutes of mild fervency exercise on most days. You may be able to do that some weeks and not on others. Always remember the fact that it’s a goal and not a rule. Do what suits you.

How to Get Moving


You can move the body either through exercise or physical activity.

Exercise can be routine activities which include but are not limited to swimming, aerobics, etc. The way you fit movement (gardening etc.) into your activities is physical activity. Adding both to your routine will help you stay healthy, with a good lifestyle which can allow you to live longer.

To live a healthy life with exercise, you don’t need extravagant clothes or equipment. To get in motion in an informal way, you can:

  • Take a perky walk or jog
  • Ride a bike
  • Rake leaves or pushes a lawnmower
  • Play tennis
  • Walk up and down the stairs


You should start to feel powerful and have more strength in just a few weeks. Then if you are up to it, you can go to the gym and take water aerobics or dance classes or strength-training exercise.